4 amazing ways you can help vulnerable children

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4 amazing ways you can help vulnerable children
Volunteers, Staff and children at Mattaw Children’s Village in Kenya /Photo: Learcy Photography

4 amazing ways you can help vulnerable children anywhere in the world are not that obvious. There are a number of reasons why this is not obvious. In most cases, this can be attributed to lack of the right information or simply, ignorance.

Now, imagine you are walking to your office or car when a vulnerable person approaches you. You are, all of a sudden, between the proverbial hard place and a rock. Give or not to give, you wonder as you reach into your pockets.

Handing out loose change would be the most effective way of getting rid of a vulnerable person. However, handing out a few coins may cause more damage. The money may end up being used to buy drugs or alcohol.

So, what are the 4 amazing ways you can help vulnerable children anywhere in world?

4 amazing ways you can help vulnerable children


There are so many ways and opportunities to reach out to vulnerable children. You can visit a nearby church, mosque, hospital, prison or school to find out how you can volunteer. Instead of brushing off vulnerable children who need help, spend time with them. The good news is; you do not have to part with your hard-earned money.

A list of things you can do include:-

  • finding out the names of the children you are helping
  • discovering what makes them tick
  • getting involved in the games they play
  • singing, dancing or praying with them

Sharing a meal

Once you make a connection with a particular child, create time when you can eat together. Avoid fast food joints and choose the best place you can ever take your loved ones. Not only will the two of you eat healthier food, the child will feel special and loved.

Sharing memorable moments

Generosity is not just sharing tangible things alone. Giving tangible things when you visit may seem like the best alternative. However, it breeds materialism, cause antagonism and unhealthy competition.

Rather than gaining valuable lessons, vulnerable children may view generous people as gift dispensers. It may also compel a vulnerable child to view begging as a way of getting things easily. Sharing precious moments is the best alternative to giving tangible things. It opens a window that reassures vulnerable children they can grow and thrive.


Examples of memorable moments you can share

  • teaching them how to make paper planes, kites and drawing if it is a group of children
  • you can teach adults how to make bracelets or artifacts that they sell and earn money
  • offering a listening ear since most of them simply need someone to talk to
  • taking a selfie and sharing on the organization’s Facebook page

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Sharing your loose change with organizations

Do not disregard the value of those jingling coins that you give away to street beggars. You can donate that money to a needy organization or donate books, coloring material, buttons and clothes. You can also spread the word to your friends or workmate about the needs of an organization you have identified. Doing so can impact in a small, but big way.

Follow this link to learn more about Mattaw Children’s Village.

Some organizations where you can lend a helping hand

  • Mattaw Children’s Village – Kimberly and Bud Huffman
  • Homeless of Mombasa – Julius Wangore
  • Clean Start – Teresa Njoroge
  • Streets to Grace – Vincent Ogutu
  • Kibera Pride – Irene Kasandi
  • Christian Best Camps of Kenya – Mtumishi Simba
  • Lifesong Kenya – Jared Omoke
  • Polycom Development Projects – Jane Anyango
  • FIVE STAR Children Centre – Charles Edwards
  • Glory Christian – Beatrice Malika
  • Next Generation Global Education – Tracy Hanson
  • Standing with Boys – Patty Liston
  • Blessed Hope Child Centre – Atieno Elsa
  • Havilla Children Centre – Domtila Mweni
4 amazing ways you can help vulnerable children
A Lifesong Kenya staff sews buttons for children during a mission

This list of 4 amazing ways you can help vulnerable children is not conclusive. You can email me with an additional list of things we can do so I can add them here. Meanwhile, why don’t you search online or Facebook and find an organization that needs your help? The above list can be easily found online. I encourage you to reach out to them. Whatever small thing you do will go a long way in helping vulnerable people.

Most people who fail to help vulnerable people seldom remember the power of doing the small things. While money is very important, it is not the answer to most problems. A simple phone call or email will go along way. The other thing most people forget is the caregivers. Factor in caregivers in every activity you plan to do with vulnerable people. This will give them a sense of belonging too.

I urge you to start helping if you have never done this before. Feel free to pick from this list of 4 amazing ways you can help vulnerable children. Don’t forget to leave comments below about your past experience with helping vulnerable people. I look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for using my links to make purchases. I make a small commission which supports my work with children and teens.

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