4 Benefits of Becoming a BAKE Member

4 benefits of becoming a BAKE member
I have learned and gained a lot of writing and networking skills from BAKE workshops and training

As a writer, you need much more than your talent, gift and the ability to write. That is where BAKE comes in. The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) was formed in 2011 to connect Kenyan content creators and bloggers as well as promote content creation and free expression in Kenya. BAKE connects blogs from all areas of interest and expertise which comes with numerous benefits.

I first heard about BAKE from a friend of mine one-and-half years ago. After checking their website, I promptly signed up and joined as a member. It is a decision that I have never regretted and know the best is yet to come. Well, here are the 4 benefits of becoming a BAKE member.

Follow this link to register as a BAKE member.

“Networking with other bloggers and writers is a lateral relationship that adds unlimited net-worth, not only to bloggers but to every person interested in growing their net-worth.”

Kennedy Kachwanya, BAKE chairperson

4 benefits of a becoming a BAKE member

  • Training and learning opportunities

Training is one of BAKE’s major activities. Through the training, I have learned and gained a lot of skills. One of the skills I learned is not to over-think or complicate the art of writing. I was able to learn where to find writing ideas and topics to write from.

Hearing that one could write a how-to-top-up-a-Safaricom-card opened my eyes to just how simple writing can be. I have also learned how to secure my data online as well as teach others about the same.

  • The BAKE member’s card

I have always had a dream of earning as a writer and using my income to fund my work with boys in juvenile prison. That dream became a reality after I joined BAKE and became a member. My member’s card soon started unlocking the doors of opportunity that I was able to access in the past. My clients became confident knowing they were dealing with a member of a credible association.

  • Networking opportunities

Kennedy Kachwanya, the BAKE chairperson, terms networking as a lateral relationship that adds unlimited net-worth to a blogger. Opportunities to network as a BAKE member are numerous. These opportunities happen during BAKE activities, trainings, workshops and events. I have personally benefited by meeting great bloggers who have shared valuable tips.

  • Job referrals

Most BAKE members are usually willing to share job opportunities. This enables new bloggers to grow in terms of building networks and getting clients to write for. To have an experienced writer to provide writing advice is a valuable asset that BAKE avails to its members.

Final thoughts

This list of 4 benefits of becoming a BAKE members isn’t exhaustive. You need to sign up and become a member in order to enjoy them all. However, becoming a member will enable you to find a family where you will find support, grow and flourish as a blogger. If you are an existing member, why don’t you list down additional benefits in the comments section?

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