4 best things that sets Infinity Baisikeli apart

With many Kenyans taking up cycling, finding a reliable bike shop is of utmost importance. Cycling doesn’t stop with you owning a bike. You need a shop that is friendly, reliable and does what they promise. This will ensure that your beloved bike serves you better as a commuter, fun rider or elite cyclist.

So, which is the best bike shop where you can buy a bicycle, accessories and find a bike mechanic? Here are the 4 best things that sets Infinity Baisikeli apart.

what makes Infinity Baiskeli unique
Wilson shares valuable cycling tips with client at Infinity Baisikeli Shop (Photography/Staff Photographer)

Where is Infinity Baiskeli located?

Infinity Baiskeli is conveniently located at Treasure Gardens, along Argwings Kodhek Road. It has ample and secure parking that is spacious. This makes it an ideal space where you can test ride your bicycle after servicing and repairs.

In additional to this, it has a garden hotel where you can relax, have a drink or eat while waiting for your bike. If you fancy a burger, then Mama Rocks is a stone throw away.  

Its location close to Yaya Centre and proximity to several bus stops, means it is easily accessible both on foot and by public transport. Here are the 4 best things that sets Infinity Baisikeli apart from their competition.


1. Keen eye for the important details

5 things that sets infinity baiskeli apart
Wilson, the head mechanic, fine tunes a bicycle at the shop

When you arrive at Infinity Baisikeli, Wilson welcomes you with an engaging smile and genuine interest that makes you feel right at home. With a wealth of cycling and bicycle repair hands-on experience, Wilson and the other staff at the shop know what makes a bicycle tick.

Their keen eye for details often enabled them to spot even the tiniest of issues that needs fixing. This has often helped their clients to avoid the numerous wear and tear that comes from neglect. I remember the first day I took my bicycle to Infinity Baisikeli shop, my chain needed shortening while my bib shorts was the wrong size.

The information the staff shared enabled me to tweak my bicycle and get the correct bib short size. To this date, my cycling experience has been amazing and enjoyable. 

2. A wide selection of World Class bicycle accessories

Bicycle accessories at Infinity Baiskeli shop
Wilson fixes and checks a customer's bike accessories

A good bicycle needs the right bike accessories for it to remain in top notch condition. This is the only way it will serve you better. Buying bicycle accessories and products at Infinity Baisikeli offers a unique opportunity to get world class accessories. This is where you can find genuine shifters, rims, tubes, helmets and other accessories. 

By stocking genuine accessories, cyclists are able to get products that are durable, the right fit and valuable assets for your bicycle. 

3. Offering experiential customer care service

Getting your bicycle serviced at Infinity Baiskeli is an experience that every cyclist should try out. The staff are helpful, engaging and often go out of their way to share tips on things you can do on your own in order to get the best out of your set of wheels.

Unlike most bicycle shops, you can ask questions and get to learn and gain more knowledge on bike maintainable and cycling. Since the staff is made up of passionate cyclists, servicing at Infinity Baiskeli is a fulfilling experience that worth every penny you will spend.

Every time I visit the shop, I get to learn a new thing that makes me a better bike owner and cyclist. For instance, I have valuable knowledge on how to buy the right cycling gear, what to do during long rides and many other things that I will be sharing in the near future.

4. Selling super clean and quality bicycles
Infinity Baiskeli sells quality bicycles
Infinity Baiskeli sells bicycles that are of high quality and value for your money

When you get a bicycle from Infinity Baiskeli, you are guaranteed of unmatched quality and value for your money. The bicycles are clean and of the highest quality. While buying a cheaper bike may seem like a good idea, investing in a decent bike is a wise choice in the long run.

Final Thoughts

When you visit Infinity Baiskeli for bicycle purchase or service, you get much more than a product or service. You get valuable tips, information and knowledge on all things to do with bicycles, accessories and cycling.

I highly recommend Infinity Baiskeli to both aspiring, new and experienced cyclists. Even if you just need to test the waters before you buy your first bicycle or get a gift for your spouse, child or friend, I highly recommend a visit to Infinity Baiskeli.

Location: Treasure Gardens off Argwings Kodhek Road, opposite Kilimani Primary School.
Phone Contact: 0717 893 854 / 0710919595

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