8 Pieces of Success

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8 Pieces of Success
The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity

Success, according to Oxford dictionary, is achieving something that you have been trying to do or get. As a parent, you can contribute to your child’s success. One of the creative ways of doing this is to use letters and associate them with your child’s success journey. Today, I will share how to use the letter P in 8 pieces of success.

The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.

– Ayn Rand

8 Pieces of Success

  1. Purpose

Help you child to find and have something worth living. It can be as simple as your child ensuring they help their siblings with house chores. As they grow old, their list can gradually change to more complex things.When your child finds something to live for, their life takes on a new and different meaning.

  1. Passion

Encourage your child to talk and see themselves succeeding. This will help them to have self-belief. They need to know they are not in competition with anyone other than doing their best. The more they affirm this to themselves, the more successful they will become.

Lifesong Clubhouse Top Tip: Constant affirmations helps to remind us of our goals. It also helps us to stay on track.

  1. Persistence

Explore the importance of persistence. Let you child know they should keep trying even when they don’t see results. Your child should learn that there are times results don’t appear despite the effort put in towards achieving a particular goal. The good thing is; something is happening beneath the surface and they need to keep doing their best.

Lifesong Clubhouse Top Tip:

You can use stories and examples of success stories. Try as much as possible to use examples of people your child can easily identify with. A good example would be the owner of a local restaurant, football star or your own example.

  1. Practice

You can have them draw someone who is trying to achieve something such as kick a ball. Ask for an example of a saying where someone keeps doing something until they become better. Help your child to find a saying that starts with the letter P. Remind your child how constant practice can bring success.

  1. Patience

Instruct your to be patient with those around them. Above all, they should be patient with themselves especially whey they do not see results immediately. Often when people don’t affirm us or fail to recognize and appreciate our efforts, we have failed. Mix things up with humor. The fact that one has an umbrella doesn’t stop the rain from falling from the skies! Therefore, they need to keep doing the right things.

  1. People

Encourage your child to see the importance of having people around him. Let them know that no one can achieve anything without the help of other people. Encourage your child to seek opinion and help from other people.

  1. Prayer

Discuss the importance of prayer with your child. This will enable them to seek for divine guidance, provision, wisdom and the grace to keep going on.

  1. Plunge in

This last P has a number of words associated with it. You can use the example of a swimmer and let your child associate it with taking the first step. Let them know that achieving anything begins with one step.


Emphasize on taking action. Your child needs to know that nothing will happen until they take action. They need to know the dangers associated with procrastination and waiting for the perfect environment or time. They should start the journey of success where they are using what they have available.

Success is a personal journey that mean different things to different people. What we may consider as success may appear to be failure to others. As a parent, you should find a perfect balance that won’t put undue pressure on your child. Their desire to succeed should not be used to compete with others or cut corners.

Ask them to suggest more things words that an be associated with the letter P. Doing so, won’t be easy. Ensure you model every single word you have explored with your child in this game and list. Assure your child that they only need to do keep trying and that you completely believe in them.

The person you struggle with the most, has the most to teach you… about yourself.” – Shawne Duperon


Thanks for using my links to make purchases. I make a small commission which supports my work with children and teens.

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