A Taste of Africa Review

a taste of Africa review
The presentation alone killed my appetite
Yesterday, Margaret Heighton, Peter Mumo and I had the following things on our to-do list:-
  • visiting Lifesong Kenya’s exceptional young men in juvenile prison
  • meeting the Witeithie Ward Member of County Assembly
  • buying handcrafted bags and shoes from Roisa Kerubo in Ongata Rongai
Looking at our to-do list in the morning, I couldn’t tell that the three of us would end up at the T-Mall.

Going to T-Mall

By the time we reached Mbagathi Way at 4:30 pm, traffic was at a standstill. We knew it was going to be impossible to get to Rongai. A few calls later, we decided to wait for Roisa at the T-Mall, located off the Langata Road and Mbagathi Way Roundabout, where we hoped to grab a bite.
On arrival, the security guards directed us to the second floor where the food court is. Like many other food courts in Nairobi, different waiters flanked and handed each of us a different menu.
Wanting to eat an African meal, Margaret and I opted for the Taste of Africa menu. Margaret ordered chapati and beef stew. However, the waiter informed us that they had ran out of chapatis. This being so, Margaret ended up ordering rice.
When I eat out, my order usually consists or either fish or lots of vegetables. The Taste of Africa menu had two choices of fish which included fillet or wet fried tilapia. That translated into making a quick order.
However, by the time I made up my mind on what to order, Margaret and Peter had already started eating. Margaret’s rice and beef stew had arrived.
Her order had a generous serving of rice, beef and a pinch of sukuma wiki. I expected more vegetables but it had more beef than vegetables.
Peter, on the hand, was already eating his chips.

A Taste of Africa Review

Taste of Africa restaurant
You can tell a lot about a restaurant when the waiter doesn’t ask how you meal was
I ordered Wet Fry Fish, Matoke and Spinach. One look at the meal presentation, I knew I had made a huge mistake. The fish looked messy, oily and was too salty. The lumps of tomatoes and the oily soup made it worse.
It tasted like the chef had either been too generous with the salt or he didn’t taste the dish at all. The spinach was too salty as well while the 3 pieces of matoke were hard and no amount of soup could soften them.
In conclusion
wet fry fish
Despite the fact that first impressions matter the most, I need to revisit the restaurant
I think I need to visit the Taste of Africa for a second time. But since first impressions always matter the most, my visit left a sour taste in my mouth. It was the first time I have failed to finish my fish. If I hadn’t been too hungry I would have rejected the meal outright. When Margaret asked to carry her food home, they asked her to pay an extra 20 bob!
However, their service is super fast and you won’t wait long for your order. The place is ideal for an evening chat with a friend while the long jams eases off on Langata Road. 

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