Best hairstyles for the school holiday

Are you looking for the best hairstyles for the school holiday? Here are a few examples of styles that will transform your child’s look. 

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best hairstyles for the school holiday

Schools have closed, and the children are home. Have you thought of activities to do together with your children? It is going to be a long holiday, but it will be fun I’m sure because there are activities planned out for them throughout.

Away from activities for the kids, have you thought of the hairstyles to put on your kid’s now that schools are closed? Is there a specific style that they have seen, and they want you to “invest your money” in?

Well, look no further because there are different bomb hairstyles to rock this holiday. I know the fear of hair being open is crippling upon you, but these braided hairstyles are sure to keep your child’s hair secure and protected.

Remember one thing though… Protective styles should not snatch at the child’s hairline. Ensure that the braider does not braid too tightly, otherwise the little girl is not going to have a hairline and growing it back will take a lot of time.

Here are the best hairstyles for the school holiday.


Best hairstyles for the school holiday

  • Box Braids

These are simple and straight up cool. Have you seen those kids who have coloured box braids? Mum, if you do that, your child will forever thank you. These are the in thing now, with girls using different colours of braids. You can use either short Abuja braids or long Abuja braids for this style and they look glorious!

  • Corn Rows

With this style, you can still use braids and the outcome is very cute. You can do lines going down, or a pony tailed style in the center or on the side.

This hairstyle will make your little one or teenager be the talk of the estate, since the style is so on point. Let’s not forget the Fulani braids too. Beyoncé has done it, Gabrielle Union too, so it will be a fantastic move.

  • Haircut

Every time we talk about hairstyles, we seem to forget about boys. There is some pretty cool hair cut styles for boys that they can do this holiday too.

Does your son just like his hair long?

Here is a way to make it look cute, without it looking shabby.

Get him to have a tapered cut. A tapered cut keeps his hair short in the back, but long at the front. He will look amazing. Try it out today and see the outcome.  Men are also into colouring their hair, so this holiday you could do the same, just for fun and let him enjoy himself fully.



As the school holiday commences, don’t forget to treat your child’s hair with a lot of care. This is the time for it to flourish.

You have the mandate to still say no when his or her hair is not being given the attention it deserves.

If you can do it yourself, the better because you will save those coins. Let the little girl and little man have a ball with their amazing looking hair.

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