How our internet service providers over-promise and under-deliver

Having internet service can be a game changer. With new service providers popping up every day, finding the right service can be daunting. Here’s how our internet service providers over-promise and under-deliver.

How our internet service providers over-promise and under-deliver
Over-promising and under-delivering causes frustrations and stress

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Having used Faiba, Zuku and other internet service providers, I have noticed how our internet service providers over-promise and under-deliver, all the time.  Take my current internet service provider, for instance. They have sent their technicians to our house five times in the past one year.

Every time this happens, I have learned something new about my internet service provider. The information I have gathered along the way shows that most of our internet service providers over-promise but under-deliver.

If you promise the moon, be able to deliver it."

Byrd Baggett

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In the beginning, they were persistent, didn’t easily give up and promised heaven, fast speeds and no downtime. But after I had signed on the dotted line, they became the buffer kings. When I write an email to them, or post complains on their social media pages.

No one replies.

And if and when they do reply, it is done in a way that makes me think that I have done something wrong. Towards the end of each month, my internet drops and fluctuates. It is that time of the month when I know that paying is the only way to enjoy uninterrupted service.

In fact, the only thing that seems to be working perfectly is the billing system! And even through it, I still receive threatening emails that warn me to pay or else…! It is like some of these things are done deliberately to frustrate me into paying for the next month’s service.

How our internet service providers over-promise and under-deliver

internet service providers
We pay to enjoy internet and not to bang our heads on our laptops

Every month, I email my internet service provider asking for assistance. Most times, it takes days before I can get assistance. I have lost count of how many times I have sent an email containing the words ‘frustrated’ and ‘disappointed.’

I wouldn’t be so frustrated and disappointed if they had not over-promised and failed to deliver on that promise. My frustration would be low if the agent would have been kind enough to explain to me what the fine print contains. Because it turns out that the fine print, which many of us seldom read through, contains the facts about what a customer is getting themselves into.

To me, over-promising seems to be a bait that internet service provides use to land new customers. The bait helps to create an ideal place, feeling or solution that a customer wants or needs. When the need isn’t met, the customer feels disappointed, cheated or conned.

A common example of over-promising looks like this.

We provide unlimited super speed internet that enables you to do anything online without worrying about buffering or lagging.

Through this promise, a customer knows that a promise and commitment has been made and expectations established. As a result, they expect to get the following:-

  • Reliable internet
  • Unlimited internet
  • No buffering


The things that frustrate and disappoint me

internet service contract
What you hear isn't what you eventually get after signing up

At this point, I expect nothing but service that I had signed up for. That is why I find it odd when my internet service provider suggests that I buy an additional booster in order to enjoy internet stability.

The other thing that I find odd is the way he points the blame to the marketing team that seemed to have over-promised and hooking me in.

Lastly, he tells me I should have read the fine print before signing up. This means that the relevant information that I need in order to make an informed choice is hidden within the fine print. Just to bring you up to speed, the internet that I thought is unlimited is capped at 20 GB per day. I also need to buy a booster I order to enjoy internet stability. In addition to this, I have to monitor my internet and keep reporting inconsistencies.

These are some of the things that frustrate and disappoint me.

Have you been frustrated and disappointed by your internet service provider? What are some of the things that frustrate and disappoint you?

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