How to overcome body odour

Whereas in most instances body odor is caused by scent glands located around the armpits, feet and the groin, it can also be caused by diseases such as diabetes and high fever. In this article, we shall explore how to overcome body odour.

How to overcome body odour
Body odour affects the way we interact and relate to each other

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment because of body odor? You enter a room quietly and take the furthest seat. Somehow, you hope that you are the only one who is aware that you smell a little stale. Much to your dismay, your closest neighbor discreetly covers their nose with their hands and moves away as soon as an opportunity avails itself.

How to overcome body odour

Here are a few helpful tips on how to overcome body odour.

1. Take a shower daily

Showering reduces body odour
Showering reduces body odour

Showering at least once daily ensures that you wash stale sweat from your body and remain fresh. Furthermore, it also reduces the bacteria found on your skin. Note that sweat is odourless by itself. However, some microscopic bacteria live on your skin. When these bacteria mix with the sweat, they multiply, and this is what leads to odour.

Therefore, you need to wash areas that are prone to sweat thoroughly. These areas include the armpits, feet, and groin.  This overcomes body odour, as the bacteria on the skin will not multiply.

In addition, note that people who sweat excessively are less likely to have an odour. The reason being, excess sweat washes away the bacteria that causes body odour. Nonetheless, if you sweat normally, you are more likely to have a problem with smell. This means that you need to enhance your hygiene habits by taking at least two showers a day.

As mentioned above, bacteria on the skin is what causes odour once it mixes with sweat and multiplies. For that reason, you need to use antibacterial soap to help reduce bacteria count.

Wash armpits, feet, and groin area thoroughly at least once a day with antibacterial soap. This helps you overcome body odour throughout the day.

2. Towel off thoroughly and avoid stress

When your body is dry, it is less likely that bacteria will cause any body odour. Therefore, ensure that you towel off meticulously and consider areas where you sweat a lot. These areas may include the armpits, the groin area, and your feet if you wear closed shoes.

Do you work in a stressful environment?

Stressful working environment or circumstances cause apocrine glands to overwork, thus producing sweat. Sweat fluid does not smell but when it mixes with skin bacteria, body odor strikes. Always carry deodorant with you. Apply an antiperspirant or deodorant on your underarms. Deodorants will not stop you from sweating. Nevertheless, they will mask the odour of bacteria found on your skin.

Conversely, antiperspirants contain a chemical known as aluminum chloride. This chemical helps reduce sweating and includes the scent of deodorant.

If you find that deodorants and antiperspirants do not help you, it is wise to seek a doctor’s advice. Your doctor will give you information about prescription antiperspirants. Ensure that you apply the antiperspirant or deodorant at least twice a day, once after showering at dawn and in the evening. Ask your doctor to prescribe antiperspirant suitable for your body type.

3. Ensure you change clothes on a daily basis

If you know that you sweat heavily, change your clothes daily. This will keep the body odour down. Change socks on a regular basis as well. Especially, if you know, you suffer from foot odour. There are deodorant powders available to place inside your shoes to help absorb sweat.

Ensure you replace the insoles of your shoes often if you have the problem of feet odour.

If you are at home, go barefoot to overcome sweating. This will limit the amount of sweat your feet produce when you have closed shoes and overcome body odour.

4. Cut down or stop eating foods and drinks that make you sweat

Spicy foods that contain lots of hot pepper, garlic and cinnamon produces sulphuric gases. These gases are released through your skin pores after meals, causing temporal body odors. Spicy food also increases the amount of sweat in your body.

The aroma of onions, garlic and other spices is also present in your sweat, making your body odour worse.

You can prevent body odour by reducing your consumption of spicy food or eliminating it altogether. If you have a meeting or a date scheduled immediately after meals, avoid eating foods that are rich in spices.

Brush your teeth and take a bath if possible. This will unclog your pores and eliminate smelling body odour.

5. Take good care of your feet

One of the most irritating body odors is smelly feet. This can be avoided by included clean socks in your foot-wear. Socks absorb sweat thus protecting your feet.

Remove your shoes whenever you can to increase air circulation around your feet. Alternate open shoes with closed shoes and apply antiperspirants to your feet before slipping your shoes on.

Soak your feet in water mixed with vinegar regularly. The acetic acid in vinegar neutralizes any odors beginning to form


Finally, it is clear that self-hygiene is necessary for overcoming body odour. Therefore, ensure you make it a primary agenda. Also, consider antiperspirants and deodorants to mask any sweat as you progress through your day.

By following the above steps, you will overcome body odour and be comfortable when interacting with other people everywhere you go.

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