How to perfectly potty train your baby

Are you a mom who wishes that your bundle of joy should have come out of the womb perfectly potty trained? Chances are, you may not be the only one! Most mothers would rather their children transition from diapers without potty training.

But, in a perfect world, things do not work that way. Here’s how to perfectly potty train your baby.

How to perfectly potty train your baby
Go at your child’s pace and enjoy this unique developmental milestone that comes with potty training

When should potty training begin?

Successful potty training is a milestone that brings joy to both the child and parent. It is a process that involves misses, tears of impatience and disinterest from your child. When it finally happens, the sheer excitement you will feel is beyond explanation.
It is another victory when this is not a one-time event, but a series that ensures we say adios to diaper changes. There’s no need for this adventure to be dreadful.

How to identify whether your child is ready for potty training?

Because every child is unique you should not bow to pressure from well-meaning people. Starting the process too early doesn’t mean your child will learn fast. It may only result in frustration on your part and disinterest from your child.
You will know your child is ready when they show interest. Their ability to follow simple instructions should also be a sign that they are ready.
Things to look out for include:-
    • your child is able to sit still for at least five minutes
    • their ability to pull their underwear down and up in readiness to relieve themselves
    • recognizing and taking pride in accomplishing tasks
    • your child’s diaper is dry for longer periods
    • your child dislikes wet and soiled diapers
      • keen interest when others use the toilet
    • indicating they would like to use the potty
What’s more, your child may even request to use the potty! When signs of your child’s readiness are obvious, you are both now ready for the adventure. You will also be able to learn how to perfectly potty train your baby along the way.

How to perfectly potty train your baby

Hopefully, you’ve already purchased the perfect potty. It can also be a potty they have inherited from a sibling who has outgrown it. Once you have established your child is ready you can begin the training. Here are the steps you can follow in potty training your child:-
1. Speak to your child
Begin to speak with your child about using the potty to relieve themselves. This will help to dispel any anxieties they may have about it.
Speaking to your will help prepare them to take an interest and interact with their potty. There are times your child may be averse to their potty and reject it.
When this happens, you need not worry. Slow down and take some time away from it, and then begin the introduction again. Your patience is important as you need to follow your child’s pace. With time, they will eventually warm up to it.
2. Encourage your child
Encourage your child to interact with their potty by having them sit on it and explain how it works. For instance you may say, “This is your little pee and poop pot. Would you like to sit and try it out?”
When they take time to sit on it, praise them, regardless of the results. Continue to encourage them to try it for the pee or poop.
3. Choose a specific time
Choose a specific time in their daily schedule that you will encourage them to use the potty. You can encourage them to use their potty in the morning after breakfast, or at night before they go to bed.
This routine will help them to identify a time or activity that is ‘best’ for using it. Remember, this should be a prodding without pressure.
With time, your child may begin to use their potty at specified times without any leading from you.
4. Repetition is the key
Once your child has established a simple routine, you can increase the number of potty use. Consider, a half hour after meals or snacks, where you encourage them to sit for a few minutes and do their business.
Repetition for a child is important, as it will help them associating a certain time with an activity. You may also ask if they feel the need to use their potty. This will empower them identify their urges with an action they have to take.
5. Make it easy and simple
Misses and messes shows your child is making an effort. Appreciate and acknowledge every effort they make. With time, their effort will bear fruits when they master how to use their potty.
Redirect your attention to the progress made, and where they should aim the next time. To make the process less challenging, dress them in clothing that is simple to remove, pull down and up.
Ensure your child wears clothes that have elastic bands instead of buttons or zips. This will make it easier for them to pull their clothing up and down while using their potty.
6. Maintain cleanliness
When they succeed in using their potty, let them see you empty and clean it up ready for their next use. Seeing you lead by example, will help them to appreciate their progress. It will also prepare them for using the main toilet in the future


Remember to make this process fun for you and your child. Be as creative as possible. Feel free to include silly songs and hold little parties to celebrate success. This will lighten up this activity and make a lasting milestone development memory.
Lastly, remember your child is unique. You should not compare them to their peers and put them on unnecessary pressure. Whether their potty training takes four days or four months, take pride in them.
Go at your child’s pace and enjoy this unique developmental milestone. These are just a few tips on how to perfectly potty train your baby. Try them our and share your experience with us. 
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