How to supercharge your child

It is every parent’s desire that their child succeeds in school. While finding the best school is the first step, your responsibility shouldn’t end there. This is because your child’s success depends on finding the perfect balance.

The good news is: you can master how to supercharge your child and enable them to succeed in school.

how to supercharge your child
Empowering your child to succeed begins right at home /Photo: Pixabay

How to supercharge your child

#1. Kick start their day with a power breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast helps to boost your child’s concentration. This being so, they are able to understand and retain what they learn in school.

A healthy breakfast provides enough fuel and energy for the whole morning. It also enables your child to adopt better eating habits throughout the day.

So what’s the best breakfast for your child? Finding the perfect balance is essential. Ensure your child’s breakfast has slower-burning carbohydrates, proteins and fibre.

An example of a balanced breakfast has milk, oatmeal, oranges and lettuce.

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Top Tip:

Try mixing things up while ensuring it is a balanced breakfast. Include carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and fruits. Aim at creating colour because children find colours appealing.

Ensure you involve your child in the process. Not only will they learn how fix breakfast, they will feel part and parcel of the whole process. Ensure you eat breakfast with your child and you will not have to force breakfast down their throat.

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how to supercharge your child
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#2. Give your child’s memory a boost

Children need foods that are rich in omega 3 acids. This helps to develop their young brains. Omega 3 acids helps in boosting children’s memory, mood and learning ability.

Examples of foods that are rich in omega 3 acids include; roasted soybeans, pistachios, cooked or boiled spinach and cod liver oil.

#3. Turn lunch into an exciting nutritious adventure

Does your child come back home with their lunch intact inside their lunchbox? You can avoid this by turning lunchtime into a nutritious adventure. Pack a healthy mix of carbohydrates, protein, fruit and vegetables.

Find healthy vegetarian alternatives if your child prefers vegetarian meals. Have a variety of foods to break the monotony of eating the same meal every day.

Top Tip:

Get your child involved in picking what they can carry in their lunchbox. This will empower them to learn what a healthy and balanced diet meal involves.

You can also find ways of turning their favourite fruit smoothie into a balanced meal.

Read how you can make a Papaya Smoothie here.

#4. Create a good rapport with your child’s teacher

Most parents call teachers to complain about a lost sweater, lunchbox or story book. You don’t want to be that kind of a parent.

Because teachers spend more time than you do with your child, it is advisable to create a rapport with them. This will enable you to track your child’s progress and performance.

Top Tip: Avoid going to the head teacher when there is a problem involving your child.

#5. Make home a good place to come back to

Create a welcoming environment that is safe for your child. Ensure your child feels comfortable to share their deepest fears, doubts and needs.

Encouraging and affirming your child on a daily basis will make them feel accepted and loved. When your child feels safe at home, they will also be able to flourish at school.

Spend quality time with your child without fiddling with your mobile phone. Call when you are not able to make it in time before their bed time.

Explain your whereabouts and why you are running late. Doing so will stop your child from worrying about your safety or guessing what you could be up to.

Find out how their day was and assure them of your love. Make sure you pray before you wish them good night.

Lifesong Clubhouse Top Tip:

Consider working from home. This will empower you to take control of your working hours as well as enable to take good care of your child.

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how to supercharge your child

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Read examples of opportunities for stay at home moms here

#6. Ensure your child gets enough shut-eye

Having a good night’s sleep is beneficial. It improves your child’s memory and their ability to retain what they have learned. Children aged 6-13 need 9-1 hours of sleep a night.

Most often, this is easier said than done, thanks to the advances in technology and modern day life.

Ensure your child doesn’t take lots of liquids, sugary drinks or caffeine before bedtime. This may prevent them from having enough sleep.

Avoid watching television or using mobile phones close to bedtime. Instead, read a book with your child.

Top Tip:

Have a regular time when your family goes to bed. With time, this will become a habit that your child will find hard to break. Having enough sleep will enable your child to function well in school.

Final thoughts

Reading how to supercharge your child’s success in school is the easier part. The hard part is getting your child to conform to this routine. However, you can ensure your child eats well and gets enough sleep.

Ensure you involve your child all the way. Example is a good way of teaching children how to be responsible. By learning for you, your children will acquire the right habits.

As they grow, they will carry these habits into their adulthood and you will have succeeded as a parent. That is how to supercharge your child and enable them to succeed in school and beyond!

Here’s to your success!

“Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

– Proverbs 22:6


Thanks for using my links to make purchases. I make a small commission which supports my work with children and teens.

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