I sold my dream car to finance my elusive dream

I sold my dream car to finance my elusive dream

I am the fifth born in a family of 9, which includes my parents and 7 siblings. I grew up wanting to have a medical facility for women and children in our village.

My journey to do so begun in 2006 when I begun working at Kijabe Hospital. I later worked at the Aid Village Clinic in Kajiado South until the facility lost its funding in 2012.

I actually lost my job a few weeks before my wedding. Since my wife-to-be was already in Nairobi, I came here to find my bearing and ended up getting a job through the University of Maryland. The University of Maryland posted me to Riruta Health Centre and Kenyatta National Hospital Comprehensive Care Centre (CCC).

In 2015, I saw the Coca Cola premise, opposite the Riruta Health Centre in Kawangware, and started dreaming about owning a medical diagnostics centre. With time, I shared this desire with my wife. A year later, my prayers were answered when the Coca Cola guys vacated my dream spot. I was still working at the government facility, when this happened. The owner of the building informed me that someone else had already rented the vacated premise.

I went back to work. A few hours later, two young men visited the health centre and came to see my boss. I did not know what they had come to do. It was only later on that my boss called me into his office that I learned the most shocking news I have ever received.

“Imagine,” my boss said with a wide smile. “Those two young men came here to tell me they’re opening a big clinic outside here. They came to ask if we can refer clients to them!”

Silas Kibet sold his dream car to pursue his elusive car
To pursue his dream of owning a clinic, Silas had to sell his car

I sold my dream car to finance my elusive dream

My heart broke. I was shaking all over. I went to a private room and asked God why He allowed someone to take my dream spot and start the same business. That same year, CITAM had ‘behold an open door’ as its theme.

Hearing that the new owners were doing the same thing meant my door was closing. Feelings of doubt and disappointment filled my mind. I saw my dreams of owning a clinic shatter right before my eyes.

The Word of God is true, that is what I can say. Right now, I thank God for everything He is doing. I am no longer bitter the way I was when someone else took my dream room. Much as I have faced numerous challenges, this painful process was God’s way of preparing me for the battles ahead. I am now able to have a glimpse of what it means when God says; our ways are not like His ways.

My goal was very clear to me and I had a plan to execute. Because I trusted God, He is planting me by the river where I can bear fruits. As Christians, we need to completely trust God as we execute our plans. It may not work the way we anticipate but that is the beauty of trusting and having faith in God.

I got three rejections from the owner of this building even after I had deposited money in the bank. By trying repeatedly, I was able to, finally achieve my dream of having a medical diagnostics centre.

Jewish Pathology Diagnostics is a product of prayers, faith and trusting God. I acknowledge that I went to school and that is not enough. I am planning to offer the best pathological services that will honor God. In fact, I look at my work as service and ministry since I am able to witness to my clients. An example of this happened one evening when a client I was attending to gave his life to Christ.

Finding the right balance

I was privileged to have Keith Ngao as one of my prayer partners right from the beginning. I remember sharing my desire to have a medical diagnostics centre while the Coca Cola facility was still in existence. All he did was point his toe to the ground and pray on the spot. 

The other people that keep praying for me and my success include my wife, Judy and parents; Laban and Grace, Michael and Mary. I also appreciate Pastor Geoffrey Mutunga and his wife from the Wells of Joy Ministry, Lunga Lunga. This couple has upheld me in constant prayers.

I would also like to point out the exemplary work that Joy Njeri has been doing as our internal marketer. She has been with us since the conception of the Jewish Pathology Diagnostics Centre. This list of prayer partners has been instrumental in encouraging me, believing and standing with me in prayers.

I have discovered that having my own clinic is way more than a full time job. It requires me to put in extra hours in order to succeed. I leave home early and go back late. Occasionally, I get late to attend choir practice at church when a client who needs my attention arrives when I am just about to leave the clinic.

I also create time for my wife and children on Sunday. By so doing, I manage to find the right and healthy balance. I also share everything with my wife, starting from my goals and plans. We plan our finances and everything else together. My wife is my best friend and number one partner. These are the reasons why I am so happy I sold my dream car to finance my elusive dream. 

Silas believes that his clinic is a product of faith
Silas believes that his clinic is a product of faith

Operating in my gifting gives me joy

When I was growing up, I wanted to have a clinic for women and children in my village. Jewish Pathology Diagnostics is my initial step towards that direction. I am planning to grow this centre to a level where I will be able to open a branch back in the village.

My long term goal is to have a health facility that will cater for the needs of women and children in my village. My goal is to offer employment opportunities to more people as well as provide an opportunity for those seeking attachment at a medical facility.

When God deposits something in our hearts and confirms it, we need to step out and take action. Waiting and praying only won’t turn our faith into reality. We have to act in order for God to manifest our faith into reality. My advice to people, especially Christians, out there is to get their hands dirty, keep working and trust God to take you through.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase"

Martin Luther King, Jnr

I would also like to ask parents to be more open and supportive of their children’s dreams and goals. This extends to spouses and in laws too. Value, cherish and support each other’s dreams. Offer them support and believe in their ability to get the job done. Most times, people just need a listening ear, a pillar of support and someone to offer challenge towards achieving goals. I am blessed to have all these kinds of people in my life.

God is faithful and I thank Him. I am glad that I sold my dream car to finance my elusive dream of owning a medical diagnostics centre. This is enabling me to live a life that is full of joy, fulfillment and purpose. Of course, it has its many challenges.

However, the joy I have surpasses the challenges I face in my line of work. My dream of having a facility that caters for women and children back in the village is becoming a reality. There is no single day that I come to this centre or go back home without thanking God for His faithfulness, goodness and mercy.

Silas works at his clinic

Silas Kibet is registered member of the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board.

He is married to Judy Kibet and they are blessed with two children; Jessica, aged 3 and Billy, aged 7 months.

His hobbies includes playing table tennis, swimming and watching football, especially when Chelsea FC is playing. He also ministers at the CITAM Woodley Church Worship Team where he is a registered church member.

"And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper."

Psalm 1:3, The Bible

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    Wow! What a great message of encouragement from a testimony of a friend well known to me, shared by another one who does great work and whom i follow incognito bt had a personal encounter with some years back. Sky is the limit Doc and Gods’ timing is the best

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    Semerian Josephine

    Wow! Am soo happy for you Silas and Judy, my long time friends,this is a great testimony. I have known you two to be great man&woman of faith. May God continue to bless the works of your hands and that dream of having a facility for children&women shall come to pass.

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    Halafu hapo kwa Chelsea is where the problem is… everything else is okay… Its good to identity weaknesses earlier… just shift to Man City… Thank me later… haha

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