PayPal to M-Pesa service review

PayPal to M-Pesa service review
You can now withdraw and deposit funds on PayPal using M-Pesa
Are you a parent who works online or frequently uses PayPal? And are you looking for a convenient way of transferring your money to the local currency? If your answer to both questions is yes, then your search has come to an end!
You can now withdraw and deposit funds using M-Pesa.
Follow this link to learn more.
To withdraw money from PayPal, you first need to link your PayPal account to your M-Pesa line.

How to link PayPal and M-Pesa

Step #1
paypal servicesSign in to your PayPal account using you login details and password. If you don’t have a PayPal account, don’t worry. Registering for a new account takes a few seconds.
All you need is your email address and a choice of your preferred password. Ensure it is a password that is not easy to guess. Once you’ve registered you’ll be directed to confirm your email address. Your PayPal account will be ready to be used once you have confirmed your email.
Step #2
Follow this link to link PayPal to your M-Pesa account. Use your login details to sign into your PayPal account. 
Step #3
You’ll be prompted to enter the M-Pesa number you use for transactions. Once this is done, a code will sent to your phone via SMS. Enter the code for the link to be completed.
Step #4
Once you have linked your M-Pesa account you can return to the homepage and click on withdraw from PayPal. This will navigate to your available PayPal balance. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and confirm. The advantage of using this service is that you’re able to see transaction rates.
Mpesa to paypal
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Final step
Confirm the amount you are withdrawing. You are able to see the converted amount in Kenyan Shillings. You are also able to see the time it will take before you receive your money.
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PayPal to M-Pesa service review

I found this service to be straight forward and user-friendly. Linking my PayPal to M-Pesa account to be a seamless service that took a few seconds to complete. Withdrawing my money was also a breeze. Apart from withdrawing funds, you can also deposit money into your PayPal account via M-Pesa.
As promised, my transaction took exactly 2 hours to complete. Granted, this service is faster and way cheaper compared to using Equity Bank. I highly recommend using M-Pesa to withdraw or deposit funds via PayPal. Not only will you be able to do what you enjoy doing online, the seamless service will give you a peace of mind.
However, I wouldn’t recommend using this service especially if you need your money urgently. If you need money urgently, then you will be better off using services offered by third parties. Your waiting time will be within 5 minutes. 
Final word
M-Pesa is Kenya’s most popular and convenient choice for mobile money transfer. Since it’s inception, Safaricom has continued to avail innovative solutions that has made M-Pesa relevant. By enabling its customers to transfer funds from PayPal, Safaricom has made online transactions more convenient.
This is also good news to those who work and shop online. Why don’t try it out and let me know what you think. Feel free to leave comments below.

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