Product and service review

Are you a service provider or have products you’re selling?

Products and Services Review
Our core business is to give yours the best exposure
Throwing Pebbles offers an ideal product and service review forum. This will enable your business and brand to gain exposure through:-
      • sponsored reviews
      • online marketing
      • product and service review
      • promotional articles
      • sponsored mentions

Product and Service Review

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Throwing Pebbles will provide the best possible marketing and promotional tool. Perhaps, you have introduced a new range of products and services. Or you are offering discounted sales or coupons to your faithful customers.
Have you imported a new shipment of baby products or changed location of your business? Do you provide services that families and households depend on?
Your customers, both regular and potential, need to learn about such offers. That is where we come in with our expertise.
Providing unbiased perspective
Our article writing services will shed light on your products and services. This may involve using and testing your products before we can write reviews about it.
Let’s take a bike shop, for instance. Assuming you’re selling bike accessories such as lights, you’ll have to give us a sample that we can test. One of our team members will use the lights during the night and see how it performs.
Only then can write an unbiased review based on its performance. This will inform, educate and enlighten your customers about your products and services. By doing so, we’ll be a vital link that grows and takes your brand to the next level.
Your customers – both current and potential – will be able to make choices based on informed knowledge.
In conclusion
Product and service review empowers customers to make informed decisions. It also helps to grow trust and loyalty. These are the things that will help grow your business and brand.
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