Turkana Finds Her Treasure

Turkana Finds Her Treasure
Treasure fascinates everyone. Help your child to discover their God-given treasures

A long time ago, a banquet was thrown for girls from all over Kenya when the British were just about to leave. Each of the girls was given a gift that they were told to unwrap at a specific time. Some were given instant rains, fertile lands, minerals of all kinds, beautiful smiles, swinging hips, lots of ideas to make and grow wealth.

Everyone was happy because things were working well.

Turkana was the only one who wasn’t happy. She had been given a handful of sand and a small envelope that she was told to open after fifty long years. Turkana waited, and waited as the other girls celebrated and enjoyed their gifts. Many mocked her, laughing and saying, “You will never amount to anything good. Why don’t you just give up waiting and open your envelope?”

They even had Morgan Heritage, sing a song about her saying there is Nothing to Smile About.

But Turkana never gave up waiting for the right time to open her envelope. She kept counting the years even as the other girls stopped associating with her. And just before Kenya celebrated fifty years of independence, Turkana took out her envelope, blew away the dust and with trembling hands, she quickly opened the envelope and found a tiny cracked mirror inside the envelope. Suddenly, large teardrops fell from her eyes as she wept in disappointment and frustration.

Turkana Finds Her Treasure

“So it is true what they have been saying about me,” she cried. “I have been waiting for fifty long years for nothing but a cracked piece of mirror? There really is nothing to smile about!” she continued crying.

After Turkana had stopped crying, she looked at the mirror. It was so tiny and cracked Turkana couldn’t see her full face. All she could see were tiny broken pieces of her face and not the whole of it. But as she kept looking at her reflection, she started liking what she saw. One by one, Turkana started seeing things she had never imagined she possessed. Her lips turned to the left while her eyebrows danced in celebration as she smiled.

Turkana soon started smiling more often. She became thankful for the gift she had been given and for the expansive sand that God had given her as a natural resource. Turkana started appreciating everything that could be found in her environment. She began appreciating the thorns that sprung up like ripen pimples on her face. She began loving her dark and unschooled sons and daughters.

And with time, every kind of blessing started springing up all over Turkana. They discovered oil and water. They discovered fertile lands. And with every kind of discovery, Turkana discovered a treasure that was way beyond measure. And suddenly every girl wanted to be seen with her.


“When you change the way look at things, the things you look at change in response,”

Wayne Dyer


Turkana Finds Her Treasure activities

Reading and doing activities is an ideal way of bonding with your child. Not only will your child learn, they will appreciate team work and your ability to lead from the front. Feel free to use Turkana Finds Her Treasure for your reading activity.

Al list of things you can do with your child

  • Ask your child to bring a piece of paper, pen (or pencil) and coloured pencils
  • Have them envision what a treasure looks like (encourage them to be as creative as possible without interfering)
  • Ask them to draw a map and clues to where there hidden treasure is
  • Explore how it would look like when they have the treasure in their hand
  • Find a moral lesson and link to the story

Treasure Hunt

Finding treasure is a fascinating thing. Most people associate finding treasure with having a map and embarking on a journey to far away lands where treasure abounds. However, the most precious treasure is the one found deep within us. Everyone has inborn treasure that needs to be unearthed and used. Our duty as parents is to empower our children to find discover their own treasure.

Follow this link for examples of activities that will enable your child to find their personal treasure. Turkana Finds Her Treasure has a set of activities that can help children to be creative, imaginative and resourceful. Feel free to contact me.

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