Why your baby needs the right toy

Why your baby needs the right toy
Toys are not just a tool for distracting your child (Photo: Pixabay.com)

Toys are usually used to keep babies entertained and occupied. They can also be used to keep babies distracted while the mom attends to something else. While this is true, it is not the main reason why your baby needs the right toy. Because you don’t want your bundle of joy to aimlessly toy around, your role is to find the right toy.

So, are toys that important? The answer is an absolute yes.

Why your baby needs the right toy



Toys are not just for distracting your baby. Neither are they meant to simply entertain and occupy your child. Toys are meant to add value and benefit to your child’s playtime.

Toys are important for developing the following:-

    • language skills
    • motor (physical) skills
    • cognitive thinking (perceiving and remembering information)
    • emotional well-being (sense of safety)
    • improving social skills

Shape Sorting Cube Classic Toy

why your baby needs the right toy

Key Features

This ultimate shape sorter features 12 chunky, vibrantly colored shapes that make a satisfying “clunk” as they drop into the natural-finish hardwood cube. Then open the lid, take them out and start all over again! A classic educational toy for toddlers.

Examples of age appropriate toys

Ages 3 – 4 months:

Your baby is able to grasp objects, reach for things and notice different sounds and speech. This is the stage where your baby starts to develop motor skills, visual and auditory senses. You should introduce brightly colored and patterned rattles, musical mobiles and other sound toys.

Ages 5 – 6 months:

Musical Farmyard Cube Learning Toy

why your baby needs the right toyYour baby is able to gain more control of the things he reaches and grabs. You should introduce toys that produce sounds, movement and colored lights. Include toys that produce different sounds and allow your baby to explore the world of sound.

Ages 7 – 8 months: Your baby needs toys that will improve his sorting abilities. You can buy him toys that introduce sizes, shapes and colors into his world.

His collection of toys should include a small bucket where he can place and remove toys. He will also enjoy playing with books and toys that have levers, dials and buttons. This improves his motor skills, visual and auditory senses.

9 months and above:

Big Picture Floor Pad A to Z

Your baby is now able to make sense of the world around him. You need to introduce baby story books, play telephone and animal sound toys. This will help to develop and improve his language skills.

It is also advisable to get involved. Read, name colors, shapes, objects, sounds and other things available in your baby’s surroundings. This will enable your baby to connect words to the toys he plays with.

Build an Inchworm Pop Blocs Learning Toy

why your baby needs the right toy

Key Features

Soft plastic Pop Blocs makes is a wonderful tool for developing manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and finger strength. It also ideal for color recognition, sequencing, and more!

10 examples of the right toys for your baby

  • musical mobiles
  • texture exploration story books and toys
  • rattles
  • pots and pans
  • talking books
  • unbreakable baby mirrors
  • toys with levers and buttons
  • play telephone
  • animal sound toys
  • baby story books
Final Thoughts

Toys play an important role in your baby’s development and growth. The right toys should enable your baby to explore sound, movement, colors, shapes and textures. This will develop your baby’s capacity to interact with his world and his surroundings.

Finally, ensure that you buy toys that meet the required safety standards. These are some of the reasons why your baby needs the right toy. Contact us for discounted prices on toys, games, clothes and books.

Lifesong Clubhouse Top Tip: Most parents think the more toys they buy the better. This isn’t the case. Your child doesn’t need to have tons of toys. Make sure you avoid using sharp or small objects that would harm your child. Do you know a mom who should read this article? Feel free to share why your baby needs the right toy with them. Thanks in advance!


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